Thank you, AFGE activists!!

AFGE activists, including both AFGE members and staff, worked tirelessly this election cycle in an effort to bring about the best election outcome for federal employees.  Their hard work paid off on Tuesday night when President Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States and when numerous candidates who support unions and federal employees won their races.

Activists, led by the AFGE political action team, were especially effective after Labor Day and campaigned on the ground and out of AFGE offices.  AFGE activists made over 75,000 phone calls to members in targeted states from phone banks at headquarters and across the country and walked doors in key battleground states.

The AFGE Political Action team sent over a half a million pieces of mail to AFGE members in targeted states and held TeleTown Halls with almost 5,000 AFGE activists in key states during the closing weeks of the election. They conducted an aggressive online program through home emails, Facebook and other social media outlets.  Close to two million emails were launched to the home emails of AFGE members since Labor Day. The AFGE team also produced 8 different videos to inform, inspire and mobilize members.

This was the most aggressive election mobilization AFGE and the political action team have ever undertaken and IT WORKED!

Great job AFGE members and staff!

AFGE Defends Democracy works to stop voter suppression

AFGE Defends Democracy is the voter protection arm of AFGE. AFGE Defends Democracy’s goals are to educate voters about voting laws in their states and to recruit volunteers to assist voters on Election Day in key states. Volunteers will play a role in the AFL-CIO voter protection program which will target Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin and Nevada. Severe attacks on the right to vote are expected in these states.  

To read more about AFGE Defends Democracy and about voting laws in your state, check us out on the blog, on Twitter or on Facebook.

To learn more about volunteering to be a poll worker or poll monitor on Election Day, click here.

AFGE Participates in Selma March Anniversary

Thousands participate in the 2012 Selma March for voter protection.

Forty-seven years after the 1965 Selma March, civil rights leaders, labor activists and minorities re-convened to participate in the anniversary of the historic march. Led by Reverend Al Sharpton, thousands of activists including AFGE leaders marched to rally against new voting laws passed in several states and anti-immigration laws passed in Alabama.

AFGE National Secretary Treasurer J. David Cox, National Vice President Everette Kelley and National Vice President Eugene Hudson, were just a few AFGE representatives who participated in the historic march.

Decades later, voter protection continues to be at risk and AFGE is dedicated to preserving the rights of American voters. For more information about AFGE’s voter protection campaign “AFGE Defends Democracy” please like our Facebook page: or email us at

NVP Kelley and NVP Hudson participating in the Selma March.

AFGE members participating in the Selma March


Register for the 2012 Legislative Conference Today!

Did you know Wade Henderson, President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, will be the guest speaker at the Civil Rights Luncheon at the 2012 Legislative Conference on Monday, February 13th?

Visit and register for the Legislative Conference TODAY!

Click here to learn more about the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

National Vice President Augusta Thomas Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

AFGE NVP/WFPD Augusta Thomas at AFL-CIO MLK reception with actor Terrence Howard

Thousands of people are traveling to the Nation’s Capital this weekend to participate in the official dedication ceremony of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall. Not many people can say they had the pleasure of being childhood friends with the late civil rights leader, but AFGE’s Women’s and Fair Practices Director, Augusta Thomas can.

In the midst of the 48th anniversary of King’s historical “I Have a Dream” speech and the dedication of King’s Memorial on the National Mall, Thomas recalls playing with King or “Little Martin” as she referred to him, at his childhood home.

Thomas had gone with her uncle to King’s family home where a group of ministers were having a meeting. Thomas and her sister were playing a game but needed another player so they asked King ­. He refused.

To get back at “Little Martin” for refusing to play, Thomas did what any child would do. “I locked him in the furnace room,” she said. By the time he got out, he was ready to play. Thomas’ plan worked.

Thomas’ place in history doesn’t stop there. She participated in the famous sit-in at the Woolworth’s in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she was spat on, knocked down, and arrested.

Both AFGE and NVP Thomas remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during this historical occasion.


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