Local 3313 Unveils New Website

A glimpse of Local 3313's new website design. Visit http://www.afgelocal3313.org/ to see more.

A glimpse of Local 3313’s new website design. Visit http://www.afgelocal3313.org/ to see more.

AFGE Department of Transportation Local 3313 recently unveiled its new website that includes a more innovative design and more useful information for members.

The Local under the direction of Local President Sheila Wilson, created a strategic marketing plan before enlisting the guidance of other members and eventually hiring website development team to create the new website. The website is easy to update and enables viewing on mobile devices. The Local’s main goal is to provide more content for members and prospective members and update the site on a weekly basis.

In addition to revamping its website, Local 3313 is also increasing its social media presence. “We live in a digital world and we know a lot of people find resourceful information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Sometimes it’s an easier way to reach more members than through the website,” says Kanika Tolver, Local 3313 member and website team member.

Local 3313 plans to use its new website to engage more of its members and create a dialogue that will encourage members to become involved with union issues and activities.

Check out Local 3313’s new website here: http://www.afgelocal3313.org/

Visit www.afge.org for more information about how you can create a free website for your Local.

For more information about the social media training offered by AFGE’s Communications Department, please call (202) 639-6419 or visit http://afgecommtraining.com/.

Join the Communications Department for the 2013 Editors Association Conference and Training

Join the Communications Department for its 2013 Editors Association Conference and Training. Registration is now open!

The Editors Association Training is designed to educate AFGE members about communications tools and techniques they can use to communicate with union members, bargaining unit employees, the press and other audiences. Training sessions will be held during AFGE’s Annual Legislative and Grassroots Mobilization Conference on Tuesday, Feb. 12 and Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013.

For more information email blandc@afge.org or call (202) 639-6419.Editors Association flyer

Hundreds Attend AFGE Human Rights Training in Atlanta

AFGE activists from across the nation traveled to Atlanta this week for the annual Human Rights Training (HRT) sponsored by the Women’s and Fair Practices Department. The training included courses on diversity, conflict resolution and social media. Tuesday’s luncheon featured remarks by National Vice President and WFP Department director Augusta Thomas, National President John Gage and National Secretary-Treasurer J. David Cox as well as celebrity television Greg “Judge” Mathis. National Vice President (5th District) Everette Kelly welcomed the crowd to Atlanta. An awards banquet is planned for Wednesday.


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