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NSPS deathwatch: 56% back on GS

Federal Times reports that more than half of all workers under the Defense Department’s “ill-fated National Security Personnel System are now back on the General Schedule.”

Nearly three-fourths of employees who have been converted back to the GS system have had their pay increased — indicating that they were getting smaller raises under NSPS than they would have gotten had they remained under the General Schedule.

Defense hopes to transfer the remaining 40,000 NSPS employees to GS by the end of the month.

Check out the following link for the full story: NSPS deathwatch: 56% back on GS, another new pay system for medical employees.

One Response

  1. I was under NSPS. I was under Washington HQ Services. No one from our directorate made out more as compared to what we would have received under the GS scale. What they did was pay more in to a bonus and very little in to the actual pay. That would have been a long term win for DoD because less in retirement over time. I left DoD about 2 yrs ago now. There is so much that is wrong with DoD aside from pay. You have ding-dongs running divisions that have no managerial skills whatsoever. They spend most of their time handing out idle threats-which under NSPS was relentless. DoD hands down is the WORST agency to work for. It is really sad because when I decided to work at DoD, I felt like I needed to serve the troops. The higher ups made it so unbearable. The service men and women ultimately suffer at the hands of all of the knobs (GS-14/15’s) that think they are something.

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