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***This information should not be read using government equipment, read during duty time, sent to others using government equipment, or sent to anyone while in a government building because it involves election related activity. Do not forward information from this site to the government email addresses of AFGE members; use their home email address.***

This is a critical election year for AFGE members, their families, and working families across America. We must Support candidates that will stand up for government employees and effective government. Working families can’t afford to go backwards.

Take Action, Volunteer and Make the Pledge to stand with pro-federal employee candidates in 2010.  Be sure to check out the important “Races to Watch” in the battleground states.

Visit AFGE Decides 2010 on Facebook in the following states:

AFGE Decides 2010: Louisiana

AFGE Decides 2010: Colorado

AFGE Decides 2010: Florida

AFGE Decides 2010: Washington

AFGE Decides 2010: Maryland

AFGE Decides 2010: Pennsylvania

AFGE Decides 2010:  Texas

AFGE Decides 2010: Ohio

AFGE Decides 2010: California

AFGE Decides 2010: Missouri

For more information also visit www.AFGEDECIDES2010.org

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