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AFGE AD Calls for Services for Taxpayers

AFGE Launches New Ad Campaign to Stop Assault on Federal Worker Jobs, Pay and Benefits

In an effort to stop supporters of plans to cut federal employee jobs and benefits and end public service to Americans, AFGE has launched a new national advertising campaign. In the ad entitled “Then What” AFGE President Gage supposes what would happen if government did not exist or was shut down.

Listen to the ad here

The ad began airing this week on radio stations in several key battleground locations, including Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri.

The full text of the radio ad follows. Electronic copies of the ad also are available upon request.


Tea party supporter:

Get government off our backs! We’re going to take our country back!

John Gage:

That sounds good. But is this the time for bumper sticker solutions?

The Republican tea party Pledge to America says, Cut taxes for the rich and cut government. Some have even said, Close the government down. Then what?

Food and mine inspection – gone.

Forget about border patrol or keeping terrorists locked up.

And returning veterans? Give them a cheap voucher instead of a quality VA hospital.

Let’s dump in the rivers and pollute the air again.

And the tea bagger chanting, “Keep your hands off my Medicare.” Sorry. Medicare will be whacked hard. The same for Social Security.

Schools, police and fire departments will disintegrate.

So Republican tea party folks, then what?

We’re all angry and frustrated. But when you vote, remember who got us into this mess in the first place.


Paid for by the American Federation of Government Employees at afge.org.

The ad’s message – to reject feel-good campaign pledges that would translate into harmful cuts to government services – is echoed in an AFGE-produced video currently airing on YouTube.

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  1. Contact Chelsea at blandc@afge.org. She will be able to assist you in getting a new member card.

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