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D.C. Labor Filmfest


Friday, October 15, 2010

LABOR FILMFEST FREE PASS RAFFLE WINNERS: Congrats to Claudia Cole, Amy Fortin, Solymar Grecco, Nathaniel Johnson and Marilyn Park, the lucky winners of yesterday’s Labor Filmfest Free Pass Raffle! With the FilmFest launching tonight, here’s another chance for free passes to the 10th annual DC Labor FilmFest! Just hit “reply” to this email and include the word “raffle” in the subject line. Screenings at AFI start tonight and run all weekend: click here to see the full FilmFest lineup.


“DAMN, IT’S A GOOD IDEA”: I didn’t even know there was a DC Labor FilmFest, but damn, it’s a good idea,” wrote one new FilmFest fan. “We need spaces for our media. Hope to see you there.” Says another, “The labor film doesn’t just educate or entertain me, it reminds me what I’m fighting for and reinvigorates my work for justice. Thank you for bringing our community this burst of inspiration.” These quotes appear in the Filmfest Viewers Speak! section of this year’s FilmFest program guide (available at all FilmFest screenings or click here to download a PDF). “I like seeing labor friends and allies who only come out for the Labor Film Festival.” Catch your friends – and some great labor films – at the 2010 DC Labor FilmFest, starting tonight at the American Film Institute in Silver Spring. Click here to see the full FilmFest lineup.

DIRECTOR’S PICK: A few more personal favorites from FilmFest Director Chris Garlock:
GIGANTE (right):
 Writer/director Adrián Biniez lends a surprisingly light and lovely touch to this story of obsession. Jara, a supermarket security guard in a Montevideo suburb who passes the time working the graveyard shift by watching videos, listening to music and doing crossword puzzles, discovers a new favorite pastime: watching Julia, a young cleaning woman, on the security camera monitors. Shows tonight at 9P and again Sunday at 9:15.

FAST FOOD NATION: Indie filmmaker Richard Linklater takes a dramatic approach to exa mining the fast food industry’s health risks, environmental and social consequences. Greg Kinnear stars as a hamburger chain marketing director, whose investigation into allegations of fecal matter in the burgers takes him on an unsavory and eye-opening trip behind the scenes of the fast-food industry, including exploitation of animals, workers and consumers. Look for cameos by Bruce Willis, Ethan Hawke, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Dano, Patricia Arquette, Luis Guzman and more. Screens Saturday at 5:30P.
 “I could burn this place down.” A perennial DC Labor FilmFest favorite, the outrageously funny Office Space once again features a raffle of Office Space paraphernalia, including Milton’s precious red Swingline stapler. Screens Saturday at 10:30P.

Screenings at AFI run all weekend: click here to see the full FilmFest lineup.

PASSES NOT ACCEPTED AT “FAIR GAME” SCREENING: Reminder that the FilmFest free passes ARE NOT good for admission to the Oc tober 19 special Closing Night screening of Fair Game (AFI Member Passes are not being accepted for this screening either) with director Doug Liman, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson! If you wish to attend that screening, you MUST purchase advance tickets asap, as it will sell out; union members get the $15 rate, discounted from $20. Click here to buy Fair Game tickets now. 

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