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Review: 2010 Mid-Term Elections

By Phil Glover

Well, we worked hard out in PA-12 and we kept our Congressman. Congressman Critz (D-PA) was kept in office by 2 percent. I have to say I was saddened that Chris Carney and Patrick Murphy were not returned to Congress. They helped us and cared about federal employee issues.

It is being reported that union members voted against union endorsed candidates. When our retirement, pay and benefits are being attacked by the minority party, why would union members do this? I don’t know the answer.

I hope AFGE will poll and find out what we as union leaders need to do to get the support of all of our memberships during elections. Elections matter and we need to do a better job of explaining, all year long, why we support some people over others.

After January, I hope our members watch what is proposed by the new majority party and realize what just happened to them and their families.

One Response

  1. Maybe those union members aren’t single-issue voters; we can fight about what level cabin we desire, but when the Titanic’s sinking, that doesn’t matter so much. In other words, they realize that in the long run they’re not going to be paid if there are no taxpayers– with real jobs producing goods and services–left to pay them

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