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Americans Deserve the Best Services Possible

Your Services Are Important

By: Randy Donnelly, Local 2119

What are things that may be loaned? Money, objects, property; these are loans made every single day. What essentially is a loan?  An exchange of things where, if lost, the world would continue without even noticing; that’s a loan. What a loan is not is the exchange of human beings or the skills they have to offer, yet we have management personnel who choose to “loan” people out. Isn’t it nice to know that in the eyes of management, all you are is a transferable object?

In our negotiated agreements it very clearly states that as a human being you may be detailed or reassigned, nowhere does it say anything about being “loaned out.” Think about it, you are not owned therefore how can you be loaned?  You are not a tool, an object, or thing; you possess a discernible skill in which you exchange for compensation.  As long as you are a human being with warm blood pumping through your veins, the capacity to think, and the ability to communicate, you are not just some commodity to be traded like a baseball card.

It’s understandable that because of shifting workloads management may need to detail the workforce to different cost centers, as professional craftsmen we can play our trade where required. However, to do so management must follow the appropriate procedure as written in the contract. In some instances moving can be beneficial for both you and your agency. Some of you have been moved and are using it as an opportunity to add to your skills, hone your craft, and embrace your knowledge. I highly advise that any new skills you obtain (such as dates and cost centers) be annotated and documented in your personnel file (201), and even though it’s not necessary, have your supervisor sign it.

The next time a manager tells you that you are being “loaned out,” stand up for yourself! Better yet, grab your contract, alert the steward and both of you ask where it states that you may be “loaned out.” In my opinion, it’s a slap in the face when management believes they can loan me out like a piece of property. It needs to stop!

In closing I’d like to wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving. As you sit down for your feast and give thanks, remember our men and woman in uniform who will not be with their loved ones this holiday.

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  1. Obama makes a wrong headed move in freezing public sector workers wages while allowing the super wealthy to get huge tax cuts. Where is the justice, where is the fight?

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