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Sign AFGE’s Petition to Congress!

Sign AFGE’s petition to Congress demanding a real plan for economic recovery (when not on work time or using a government computer, please use your home e-mail and home address) and we’ll personally deliver it to your representative on February 8, 2011.

Please visit http://goo.gl/gCQRA.

One Response

  1. I went to offer my two cents, but discovered I was quite late in doing such. So, I checked the last pam by mail, start to finnish. Last placed I looked of course. Not the last place looked at, just really couldn’t read it. The color and the gloss made it hard for me to read.
    So, as I studied it, the only common word and number was Feb 8. No mention of me making a point. For the first time in my life, I now have fear of my neighbor, who are all and all, strangers. This fear has been brought on by not only the actions of citizens, but the elected officials of those same citizens. It also made me look for the history of unions, political parties, liberal, conservative, all kind of things. The best part, WWW.

    What the union needs to happen, in my opinion, is to find a way to get the 600,000 – 255,000 to be one and the same. Many Conservative Republicans are in this workforce who just hate unions but are really unpaid members. It looks to me that we might be in for a long ride as the minority paying members. In fact, the ride be short.

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