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What is the stupidest reason for a federal pay freeze?

NVP Gerry Swanke
AFGE 11th District

What is the stupidest reason for a federal pay freeze?

No-it’s not that it will impact less than 1% of the annual federal deficit.
No-It’s not to make the government more efficient and accountable to taxpayers.

Nope. It’s not going to do anything to reduce the number of political appointees, government administrators, federal bureaucrats, and other non-direct service jobs.
What is the stupidest reason of all to reduce federal pay? Answer: Killing the Golden Geese.

Here are some sample stories of the dedicated civil servants working hard to make ends meet just like everyone else in this economy.

Meet Dana- A telephone service phone operator from the Social Security Administration helps the disabled and retirees qualify for their SSA benefits. She is a single mom with children, day care, and commuting expenses. Yet she earns less than $40,000 per year.

Meet Christie a nursing assistant single mother of 3 earning $38,000 per year. Yet she has worked tirelessly for more than ten years keeping our nations promise of health care to our veterans.

Meet Paul – a VA Police officer from the Seattle VA writes…”Here’s a sad story – 14 year, experienced Washington and Idaho State Certified Police Officer, Gulf War Veteran, hired by the VA as a GS-6/1 (38,000 plus bonus). Must leave family in Silverlake, Wa and rent a cheap room in Renton, WA ($350.00 month) just to survive.
Those are just three examples of our members’ stories in our hometowns. And there are thousands more in every community across this country. Our AFGE members are working hard not just to make ends meet-but to keep our country safe and secure.

Today AFGE began publishing these stories at http://afgememberstories.wordpress.com/ At the AFGE Legislative Conference we will be collecting and recording more of these stories in efforts to humanize results of underfunding our government.

There are a lot of stories out there about public workers-most of them negative. Isn’t it odd we don’t hear from the mothers of children suffering from Salmonella -or the families of dead miners-or the children of murdered correctional officers?

All of these real stories from and about AFGE members.

There is obviously a lot of challenges we will be fighting this new congress on. We will have to fight for funding of entire agencies-fighting for staffing of VA hospitals, meat inspectors, Border Patrol agents and a thousand other ways we keep our country safe.

WE must protect our Golden Geese. No one else is going to.

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