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Following a successful rally on Capitol Hill earlier this month where hundreds of AFGE members came together to fight the blatant attacks on federal employees, rallies and town hall events are being organized and planned across the country. The call to action became more urgent on February 11, when the House of Representatives voted to cut a whopping $61 billion from the current budget. AFGE members immediately got to work to fight these proposed cuts that would devastate the services provided in their local communities. There is no one better than the hard-working federal government employees of AFGE to educate their communities on the devastating impact of draconian cuts.

AFGE members in New Orleans held a rally last week to retake their oath of office and deliver petitions to elected leaders, calling on officials to stop the attacks on federal employees and support the middle class. Pennsylvania was ground zero, as members rallied in Scranton and met with elected officials in Philadelphia to remind leaders that America’s deficit problem has nothing to do with federal workers. Labor leaders in Texas plan a town hall meeting this weekend to educate their friends and neighbors about the real threat to the services delivered by the federal workforce if the proposed cuts are enacted.

The slash-and-burn approach passed by the House will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and destroy services ordinary Americans rely on every day. Just what services do politicians think we are willing to do without? Workforce cuts at the VA could mean longer waits for veterans applying for disability benefits and waiting for medical appointments. The safe and orderly flow of traffic will be at risk with fewer air traffic controllers on the job. The meals we feed our family will be at higher risk without the important work carried out by food safety inspectors. Claims reps at Social Security will not be able to provide the current service levels, clearly affecting the 44 million elderly and disabled Americans currently receiving benefits.

Cutting programs and other vital services isn’t the way to control the deficit. Drastic and immediate reductions in agency budgets will no doubt impact every single American in one way or another.

Budgets have consequences – and it is up to us to make sure that everybody knows that we are the federal workers who provide the safety and services on which Americans need and depend.

Mobilize and join the fight for America’s workers.


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