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U.S. Senator Says Collective Bargaining is “Un-American”

By: Gerry Swanke
 AFGE NVP, District 11

A United States Senator has announced collective bargaining for federal workers is Un-American and should be eliminated. 

So here is the self-proclaimed leader of the Tea Party activist group-the party alleging a stand for freedom and American values-attacking two cornerstones of our nation’s history and constitution.

Those two foundations are the right to assemble and the checks and balances of Government.

Supporters and “Koch-addict allies” of this senator are behind the corporate speech=free speech recently invented by our Supreme Court. They advocate businesses and corporate capital have the same constitutional protections of free speech as citizens. 

Really? When Money=Speech, speech certainly isn’t “free”!

These money interests-and collateral decline of informed political discourse in our media -are archenemies of government by the people. A sad day indeed when billionaires decide what is American-when they all own off-shore tax free accounts…

Checks and balances of government is exactly the reason for public worker unions. Without a voice of those delivering public service-our taxpayers would know little of how elected billionaires and political bureaucrats spend our money.

There are over 18 million workers for our US Government. Does anyone really believe 100 senators-or one Senator from South Carolina knows how the federal budget is spent?

While we all would agree there are too many supervisors, managers, and unaccountable bureaucrats –nothing in these budget debates address those real problems. That’s because reducing federal spending isn’t the agenda-its class warfare on public services, jobs for our communities, and prosperity for working families.

Otherwise-Senator DeMint and others would be leading reform to eliminate foreign and tax free corporations from US Government contracts. Is there anything that could be more traitorous than giving tax dollars to companies not paying taxes back?

I don’t think so. But that would be a little too honest about our political discourse. Is corporate welfare for foreign corporations good? While the Right to Assemble and Checks and Balances of Government bad?

I bet the good Senator has a good old fashioned “Chinese Yellow Ribbon Magnet” on the bumper of his car.

You’d think he’d at least have the commitment of a sticker!

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