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AFGE Local President Graduates with Honors Thanks to Union Scholarship Program

AFGE local president, Barbara J. Milton, graduated with a Masters of Arts in Legal and Ethical studies from the University of Baltimore this past weekend on May 15th. Milton, who serves as the president of local 631 in Washington, D.C. not only obtained her Master’s Degree, but did so as a member of the Pi Alpha Alpha Public Administration Honor society with a cumulative 3.87 GPA. “I enjoy perusing higher education. I have worked hard to maintain excellence in my studies.” said Milton.

Milton was able to obtain her degree with the help of AFGE through the John N. Sturdivant Labor Scholarship (JNS Scholarship). “ I would like to give a special thanks to John Gage, President of AFGE for believing that I was worthy of being a recipient of the JNS Scholarship… without this scholarship, I would not have been able to obtain this master’s degree.” Milton hopes to use what she’s learned in advancing her work with AFGE. “I have used my learned skills and abilities to help not only my local but other locals in the 14th District.  I am proud to be a part of AFGE.”

To find out how you can apply for the JNS Scholarship or obtain other members only benefits, call the AFGE Benefits line at: (888) 844-2343.

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