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A Union Activist’s Teenage Son Remembers 9/11

Aaron Wilder and his father, Jason Wilder, President of AFGE National Local 2272.

Aaron Wilder, the 17-year old son of Jason Wilder, President of National Local 2272, is already starting to follow in his father’s footsteps. As the Chair of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma High School Caucus, Aaron represents a generation of young union activists who are already beginning their political involvement.

Below is Aaron Wilder’s post written in memory of September 11:

Ten years after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, Americans have been asked to reflect on that day and remember those whose lives were cut short.

As Chair of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma High School Caucus and Parliamentarian of the Young Democrats of America High School Caucus I belong to an organization that represents a group of young people who have only known war. Many of our members have no recollection of 9/11. The questions that are asked, “What were you doing that morning?” and “What did you feel that day?” are easily wasted on us. Our feelings and memories of this event are produced through the point of view of those older than us.

America is a different place. Yet, it is not a place unfamiliar to our generation. We are currently engaged in the two longest wars in America’s history. This is all we know. Our generation has also been tagged as apathetic and uninvolved. We have seen in times of war the youth have been an energized movement for patriotism or peace. The youth of both World Wars, Vietnam, and Korea played active roles in the nation’s discourse. We still have that power. I believe that we need to know peace and we will see it soon.

The Young Democrats of Oklahoma High School Caucus remains committed to the pursuit of peace. We are the children and siblings of our world’s finest military. If we come together and raise our voice we can make waves. 9/11 has shaped our generation’s worldview and will never be forgotten.

–Aaron Wilder, Chair, High School Caucus, Young Democrats of Oklahoma

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