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Local 1923 Members Contribute Over $26,000 to the AFGE Legislative Action Fund

Under the leadership of their president Cynthia Ennis, Local 1923 has contributed $26, 684 to the AFGE Legislative Action Fund (LAF). Money from LAF is

NVP Joe Flynn, Local 1923 Pres. Cynthia Ennis, Political Dir. Bob Nicklas, and Local 1923 Treasurer Arnie Spivak.

used to provide AFGE members with legislative and political education materials as well as assistance in training and mobilizing AFGE members to conduct grassroots political action activities.

Each Local and Council is encouraged to contribute to the fund. The money raised annually is used to develop fact sheets, organize rallies, conduct training and support the network of AFGE activists who are fighting for better wages and benefits for AFGE members. LAF contributions are non-partisan and are not used for activities directly aimed at the election of a specific candidate.

For more information about the AFGE Legislative Action Fund please visit www.afge.org.

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