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OPM Partnership and Labor Relations Launches the Federal Labor-Management Information System (FLIS)

OPM Partnership and Labor Relations announces the launch of the Federal Labor-Management Information System, or FLIS.  FLIS replaces the Labor Agreement Information Retrieval System (LAIRS) as OPM’s publiclyaccessible database providing access to timely representational data on bargaining units certified by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA).  OPM made several improvements and important changes after LAIRS that will provide more reliable information to the public.  OPM improved the usability, navigation, and search function, making it more intuitive to better locate bargaining unit information.  More importantly, representational data is seamlessly integrated with Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) system to provide the latest available data.  Also, FLIS allows users to search and locate bargaining units across the Federal government, view the latest representational data of each unit, and export records into various file formats.  FLIS is accessible at http://apps.opm.gov/flis/start.aspx and is also accessible from the OPM Labor Relations website at http://www.opm.gov/LaborManagementRelations/index.aspx

In the future, FLIS will also publish collective bargaining agreements and certifications for each bargaining unit.  Negotiability determinations and collective bargaining agreements provided in LAIRS are still available on http://lairs.opm.gov. This information will continue to be searchable through opm.gov or your favorite search engine for the near future and eventually will be integrated into OPM’s new website.

Although OPM believes it worked out most of the bugs on FLIS, they need your help.  If you find any navigation problems, data errors, or incorrect bargaining unit information (e.g. activity, BUS Code, etc.), please let OPM know by emailing plr@opm.gov.  If you also have an electronic copy of your collective bargaining agreement or FLRA certification, OPM also asks that you send that to them as well, if you have not already done so.  Your questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns are also welcomed.

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