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AFGE activists who successfully helped defeat SB5 -Issue 2 in Ohio.

Ohio voters by a 60 to 40 percent margin  struck down Issue 2, a law supported by Governor John Kasich that limited bargaining rights for public service workers including  police, firefighters and teachers.   Our members joined with our AFL-CIO brothers and sisters across the state in this effort.

AFGE is proud of the role we played in yesterday’s election:

  • By election day, AFGE had 13 full-time staff on the ground supplemented by
    dozens of volunteers working phone banks and canvassing neighborhoods to
    get out the vote.
  • AFGE members received three pieces of mail (almost 15,000 pieces statewide),
    phone calls, emails, texts, and tweets urging them to volunteer and
    ultimately to vote on election day.
  • AFGE staff and volunteers also operated a virtual phone bank in Indianapolis to call
    Ohio AFGE members and voters, generating over 15,000 calls in the final
    days of the campaign.

Your fellow AFGE members in Ohio knocked on doors and called neighbors to defeat Governor Kasich’s anti-union initiative.

If  you’re an AFGE member and want more information on how to stop the anti-worker initiatives  nationwide click here.

AFGE Activists in Toledo, Ohio

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