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American Federation of Government Employees National President John Gage issued the following statement in response to the “Best Places to Work” survey released today by the Partnership for Public Service:

“Fewer federal employees are satisfied in their jobs than they were last year, and that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s paying attention. No one is going to enjoy coming to work when you freeze their salaries for two years straight, ask them to pay more for retirement and health care and put their jobs in jeopardy through arbitrary downsizing schemes.

“Federal employees see the damage that’s being done to Americans as a result of massive cuts in vital federal programs and services. They are tired of being asked to do more with less while the wealthiest 1 percent continues to benefit.”

For more information about the survey, please visit: http://www.fedview.opm.gov/2011/.

One Response

  1. Do we (AFGE) have any influence with this White House what so ever? They don’t seem to be listening to us on any issue. Whether it’s who to appoint as BOP Director, to cutting worker’s comp benefits for Law Enforcement Officers? Where have the democrat’s gone?

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