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AFGE Participates in Selma March Anniversary

Thousands participate in the 2012 Selma March for voter protection.

Forty-seven years after the 1965 Selma March, civil rights leaders, labor activists and minorities re-convened to participate in the anniversary of the historic march. Led by Reverend Al Sharpton, thousands of activists including AFGE leaders marched to rally against new voting laws passed in several states and anti-immigration laws passed in Alabama.

AFGE National Secretary Treasurer J. David Cox, National Vice President Everette Kelley and National Vice President Eugene Hudson, were just a few AFGE representatives who participated in the historic march.

Decades later, voter protection continues to be at risk and AFGE is dedicated to preserving the rights of American voters. For more information about AFGE’s voter protection campaign “AFGE Defends Democracy” please like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AFGEDefendsDemocracy or email us at voterprotection@afge.org.

NVP Kelley and NVP Hudson participating in the Selma March.

AFGE members participating in the Selma March


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