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AFGE Fights Back Against the War on Women

This may be a shock to you-but I am not a woman. Really-you don’t have to be one to love them! We are all here today because we can and must care about this war on women.

Here is my favorite anonymous quote:

“If you have come to help me-you are wasting your time. But, if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together”.

In state legislatures nationwide-The War on Women is active, it is medieval, and it’s growing.

I am here today to say:

If you understand there is no difference between a government that limits birth control and one that makes it mandatory- you must care about the War on Women.

If you have ever had a child depending on a public education-you must care about the War on Women.

If you have ever relied upon law enforcement for the protection of your home and family- you must care about the War on Women.

If you have ever believed our food and water supply must be safe for our health and the future of our family and country- you must care about the War on Women.

If you believe public fire protection is necessary for the safety of our neighborhoods, villages, and cities- you must care about the War on Women.

If you believe social security and Medicare are in the public interest for our parents, our grandparents, each of us, and our children- you must care about the War on Women.

If you believe our country is obligated to care for our returning soldiers, our wounded veterans, and the families of those fighting terrorism- you must care about the War on Women.

If you believe US Postal Workers are so dedicated their jobs-they were willing to give their lives during the Anthrax threat- you must care about the War on Women.

And if you can remember, just for a minute-the horrible morning of September 11… Americans rushing down emergency exits in those towers-while first responders-from working class families of the 99% were rushing up those same stairs in dedication to duty and country- you must care about the War on Women.

Here is why! This group of cavemen waging this war on women is under budgeting all of these things for our families, cities, and our country.

The Ryan budget –for example- demonstrates these Cavemen believe its ok to fire teachers, police officers, and fireman-but it’s not OK to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay equally. The cavemen continue to shout our government is too big. They think we don’t need food inspectors – that it’s ok to import unsafe toys for our children – and safe food and water is a socialist conspiracy!

Brothers and sisters. This war on women is a war one all of us-our families-our villages. They are trying to control the way we think. Because when the cavemen-the 1% and feudalist politicians control how workers and Middle America think-they need not worry about what WE DO!

The future of our village-our country-depends on our resolve here today.

This isn’t just a war on women-it is a war on self-determination. If the cavemen drive a fear of government- they leave the 1%-the wealthy-the cannibals and the pigs to protect the sheep.

I’m not here to convince you of these things. You wouldn’t be here if you did not understand this. I am here to convince you to take on our brother in– laws, our fathers, our spouses. THERE IS NO DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN-AND IT IS UP TO US TO DEFEND THE VILLAGE!

Here is my answer-

“You have made a criminal of my mother-

You have outlawed the love of my brother-

You are the enemy my country!

When all you say is – HATRED OF THE OTHER!”

Brothers and sisters-our liberation is bound together in this fight for our families, our villages, ourselves.


Gerald Swanke, National Vice-President, American Federation Government Employees

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