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Happy 80th Birthday AFGE!

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) celebrates 80 years of service to federal and D.C. government employees. Since 1932, AFGE has been dedicated to protecting the workplace rights of civil servants who ensure our food, air and water is safe, protect our borders, care for our veterans and provide the services that Americans depend on.

As the nation’s largest federal employee union, AFGE takes seriously its responsibility to help provide good government services while ensuring that government workers are treated fairly and with dignity. Throughout its history AFGE has relied on the strength of its members and union leaders to increase membership, fight for equality in the workplace and build its legislative power.

Through its development of bargaining councils and the expansion of its departments at the national office, AFGE worked with members on the ground to create contracts and negotiate workplace conditions and benefits at the national level. This commitment to developing strong collective bargaining agreements and building equitable labor-management relationships led to nationally recognized contracts in agencies such as, the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and most recently the Transportation Security Administration.

Lobbying and grassroots activism have continued to be effective ways that AFGE fights for the rights of its members. The collective voice of AFGE members has brought down the Department of Defense’s discriminatory personnel system, NSPS, halted further downgrades of low wage employees providing critical services within the VA and assisted in the historic election of President Barack Obama in 2008.

In its 80th year AFGE celebrates its membership of more than 277,000 dedicated federal and D.C. government employees and looks forward to the road ahead. AFGE will continue to challenge lawmakers to support the dedication of public employees, fight for the rights of its members on the job and recruit young workers to enhance the strength of AFGE in the future.

One Response

  1. Why doesn’t the Union rally against the President since he did another wage freeze? This wouldn’t happen if Romney gets elected. I served 20 years in the military and since with the Federal Gov’t and this sucks due to the current administration. Are those in Congress and the White going to take a pay cut or wage freeze? I doubt it.

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