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New Office Renovations Help AFGE to Go Green

AFGE went for the gold and received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold level certification.

LEED renovations to the 10th floor at the AFGE headquarters building, which houses the Communications and General Counsel departments, were recently completed and the AFGE floor is now LEED Gold certified.

The new 10th floor conference room features energy-saving technology.

LEED has several specific requirements in order for organizations to receive the green certification such as energy-efficient technology and high air quality.  “This is the first time that AFGE has so stringently sought energy savings from its technology investments. The conference room is also designed to be state-of-the-art, specifically featuring video teleconferencing equipment to reduce the cost and environmental impact of staff travel,” says AFGE Information Services Director Taylor Higley. The newly renovated floor features ENERGY STAR electronic equipment, recycled materials in most of the elements, LED lighting in the ceilings and allows for significantly more daylight. “One of the big goals was to open the space so everyone on the floor could enjoy the use of daylight. 83 percent of the staff will now have access to natural light,” says Felipe Turriago from Sitio Design, the architectural company that designed the floor.

AFGE hopes its new energy-saving initiatives will lead to lower operating costs, a healthier staff, increased productivity and other incentives.

“It’s great for the community because it saves energy and saves resources,” says Robert Ehardt, the lead builder for the floor. “The fact that AFGE decided to go for the gold speaks volumes for what AFGE is trying to do for its employees,” he continued.

The new space gives employees access to significantly more natural light.

AFGE is committed to meeting LEED Gold standards in all future renovations of the 30-year old building. The organization eventually hopes to have the entire building qualify for LEED certification. “We have made a commitment to be environmentally and fiscally responsible. We are looking for ways to make our older facility more modern,” says AFGE National President J. David Cox.

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