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Join the Communications Department for the 2013 Editors Association Conference and Training

Join the Communications Department for its 2013 Editors Association Conference and Training. Registration is now open!

The Editors Association Training is designed to educate AFGE members about communications tools and techniques they can use to communicate with union members, bargaining unit employees, the press and other audiences. Training sessions will be held during AFGE’s Annual Legislative and Grassroots Mobilization Conference on Tuesday, Feb. 12 and Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013.

For more information email blandc@afge.org or call (202) 639-6419.Editors Association flyer

One Response

  1. Organized Labor needs Union publication editors more than ever! If we can’t get out a message we lose the debate.

    President Cox:

    The Labor Movement needs a “National Advertising Program!”

    Please support an agenda item for the upcoming AFL-CIO General Executive Board meeting at the end of February to establish an AFL-CIO National Advertising Program.

    Every Union affiliated with the AFL-CIO is looking for a way to participate in the national discussion on bugets, worker rights, Social Security and Medicare, Trade Agreements, the need for public employees, income tax fairness and a host of issues vital to American families.

    We see the talk shows on national televisions, with views from every walk of life other than workers. The Labor Movement is missing from these conversations – either intentionally or with the view that the Labor is irrevellant. Unless our voice is heard working families will always lose in the debate.

    With the support of all of the AFL-CIO member Unions, a National Advertising Program can be funded though monthly Union member contibutions of $1 or $2 dollars. As well, a 501(c)(3) can be established to accept contributions from employers, foundations and wealthy progressive supporters.

    Just imagine the issues that Labor could cover with an annual advertising campaign budget of $100,000,000.00 to $200,000,000.00. Labor history, the truth about “free-trades agreements”, the need for labor/management negotiations, why public employees deserve decent pay and benefits, the real reasons for the decline in the middle-class. Why the AFL-CIO could even have these types of ads during the Super Bowl!

    If Labor doesn’t begin to tell it’s own story it will continue to suffer the declines in membership we see when anti-labor, anti-union, profit at any cost organization continue to tell lies about it. The effort to win the support of the American public has always faced opposition, however, without our voice in the discussion it’s impossible.

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